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threelisabeth said: alright, I've never listened to metal, what metal should I listen to first




wow i literally fistpumped upon receipt of this message ONE OF US ONE OF US

ok ok this is toughie b/c like, my own entry point into metal was stuff that metalbros are total dicks about, i started out w/ a lot of really melodramatic symphonic metal (nightwish, epica, within temptation, etc.), and i liked it b/c i like big sweeping grand epic dramatic stuff, and from there it was folk metal, etc, you can see the pattern, i leaned toward much more melodic and less “extreme” stuff for a long time. right now the stuff i love most tends to be black metal (which is still v broad, but, omg, i’m a terrible hipster and i love it when it gets a lil shoegazey and atmospheric, i suck), doom metal/stoner metal, drone metal, and thrash metal.

in terms of what’s actually a good starting point for the genre tho, i’m not sure b/c tbh i far from really know my shit about metal. i would say you can’t go wrong with paranoid by black sabbath either way, the number of the beast or powerslave by iron maiden, and i’m going to think about this for a little longer, and call in help from michael and david

EDIT: michael and david were the first ppl who came to mind but obviously everyone else help out

HONESTLY gonna mega super double plus Super Saiyan 3 cosign Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden since it is, in a lot of ways, the metal album—sure you could go back to Black Sabbath but Maiden like perfected the theatrics that BS kinda flirted with variously and it’s a good thing to start with because if there’s a formal thing you like about the album it invariably points to something in the later 80’s/90’s that will help you figure out what kinda metal to listen to, e.g. if you like vaguely classically influenced disgustingly virtuosic melodic guitar leads you would probably like Metallica (Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets those two albums in particular) or King Diamond ("Them" and Abigail) and then you can go from there. It’s also like, perfect, so there’s that. (NB you can do this with Paranoid too but I think it’s better with Iron Maiden since they kind of perfect what BS makes possible BUT LIKE THE RIFF AS WE KNOW IT exists b/c Paranoid and “War Pigs” is like the blueprint of many different kinds of riff so)

I listen to lots of theatrical and dramatic and excessive and bombastic metal (mostly black metal but I dabble elsewhere) so if you want stuff about that specifically I made a list of like Black Metal Albums To Listen To that’s somewhere in my tag and if yr interested I can dig through that and link you, 


idk if punk is a thing you can deal with Reign in Blood by Slayer  and also Metallica’s first album Kill ‘Em All are good crossovers from that 

idk if this is helpful at all IDK IDK IDK

cosigning recs of metallica and slayer, if you have listened to and enjoyed punk music those are good entry points as well (uhm im dumb about metallica as you know), and for like Important Thrash Albums you really can’t go wrong w/ either of those. david is v right re: maiden and important metal genre things, but sabbath is also just like, shit-your-pants good, in my opinion.

i will say that The Way I Learned was by downloading indiscriminately from metal blogs until i found stuff that i liked

i’m late to this and stuff but talking about metal and music is awesome and i would hate not to, so i’ll just go for it

i would definitely very strongly cosign black sabbath. paranoid is both shit-your-pants-good and historically important, very essential

i also definitely agree with metallica and slayer. master of puppets and reign in blood are both amazing, as are ride the lightning and south of heaven

though they have some totally awesome songs and are probably, like, the most essential metal band, i never liked iron maiden very much, and haven’t really listened to them beyond their famous number of the beast songs and also “aces high” and “wasted years”, which are all “totally awesome” and among my favourites. but i do really love a lot of bands that are super indebted to iron maiden, particularly queensrÿche. operation: mindcrime is amazing, and if you like ‘concept albums’, it’s pretty cool because they really go for it, every song moves the album’s plot forward. and the plot is ripped off from the manchurian candidate, which is pretty fun. but it’s a great listen even if you aren’t into that.

also, judas priest are really important and pretty awesome, and their album painkiller is really great. they made it after they were a few years removed  from their “classic” period, but it’s known as “metal’s greatest comeback album” (i think), and it totally deserves that. it kind of has a heavier, faster sound than iron maiden, but it’s also not quite as heavy as its thrash metal contemporaries. rob halford has one of the most famous and distinctive and wide-ranged voices in metal, and hearing him sing all those ridiculous sci-fi lyrics is always the most invigorating thing

and for contemporary metal, amon amarth are pretty much my favourite, and they’re another band heavily indebted to iron maiden. their vocals are harsh, but not indecipherable, and everything else is so melodic that i think they, along with slayer, are pretty much ideal for acclimatizing to “extreme” kinds of metal. with oden on our side is pretty much perfect and i swear by it, i want it entombed with me, i want it burning on my pyre with me etc



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I don’t know who made this but it’s so goddamn beautiful right now.


I don’t know who made this but it’s so goddamn beautiful right now.

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